Google Analytics Analysis

Veteran SEO Jim Hedger has published another great article, this time on Google Analytics and the usefulness of understanding what website visitors are doing on your site. He discusses conversions and how to increase them using this free tool and covers what Google will accomplish by offering this service free.

While I obviously believe SEO to be a highly valuable service for website owners, at the same time one cannot ignore the extraordinary importance of understanding what your visitors are doing when they get to your site. After all, SEO is not about the bragging rights of having high rankings, it’s about ROI. I don’t know about you but I’d personally rather be on page 2 with revenues in excess of $1,000,000/mth than on page one with revenues at $25,000/mth. What the visitors does when they get to your site is highly relevant.

This article fits into our “highly recommended reading” list and can be viewed on the ISEDB website here.

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