Get Great Publicity !!!

As many of you may know – I’m doing a Webinar tomorrow at 12 EST on Longtail SEO for Ecommerce sites. To keep people interested I’m giving away great prizes, may of which have been donated. The prizes include but are not limited to an Aser netbook and 2 pro memberships from SEOmoz.

If you have some great prizes to add please feel free to contact me at before 10am PST tomorrow (Saturday) and I’ll add you to the list of prizes going out. You’ll get mentioned in the webinar and get some mentions from our blog here on Monday as well as from the Webinar website.

For more information about the Webinar or to register just head to Prizes should appeal to geeks, business people and/or SEO’s. Free hosting for a year, electronics, etc. are great examples.

Thanks !!!


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