Free Press Release Distribution

It’s nice to do good things for good people and who could possibly be better than our valued blog readers? 🙂

Today is the last day of October and we have a surplus of pre-paid press releases via PR Web to use up and it has to be today.  This places me in the wonderful situation of giving away press releases to you … and I’m not even going to do a “so we can give it to you at a discounted rate” kinda thing.  Nope, I’m giving them away free.  What’s the hitch?  There is none other than the fact that come 5PM today I’m going to read through any submissions I get and pick the ones I like best to go out.

Because it’s free I’m not going to be able to followup with stats, etc. but better to use them than to not and hopefully karma will play it’s part and if not … well, I get to have that warm fuzzy feeling of knowing that our visitors get another benefit from reading our daily blog.

If you have a pre-written release (has to be new and yes we’ll be checking) just send it to  You’re welcome to include details as to why we should pick yours but the main thing will be the quality of the release itself.  And as per our general “rules” don’t bother sending them over if they’re in the areas of casinos, adult or if you’re another SEO firm.  This isn’t any type of judgement, we just don’t work in these areas and don’t work for our competition. 🙂

And to all a very happy and safe Halloween.

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