Free Internat Access From Google

Google today announced that they will be providing free broadband access. TiSP, still in Beta, provides extremely high speed access and comes to your door as a free kit that includes everything you need to get your 8MBPS (10x faster than standard DSL) free.

Google recommends using it as a wireless Internet connection source and provides everything you’ll need to get up-and-running wirelessly. You can read the press release on this huge leap in how we will surf the web here, the discussion group here, and the product info here.

As an SEO this is a very exciting leap forward. While I’m not 100% how they will monetize this service (I don’t have my installation kit yet) you can be sure they’ll find a way – likely through advertising of course).

So how can you get involved? How do you too get your free Internet access? Wait until it’s not April Fool’s Day and ask me again. 🙂

You can read more about this year’s Google April Fool’s Day joke at and about their previous stunts on this year’s error page at

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