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BlogSome is the fastest growing blog host in the world (in percentage terms, that is!). Blogsome is completely free and is quite easy to get up and running a neat feature is that it allows your blogs to be published with a sub-domain web address. Eg: [your-blog-name] Blogsome has a lot in common with Blogger except that it uses the WordPress blogging platform which has many added features including the ability to add plug-ins as well as categories. If you have any problems, Blogsome has a terrific Forum, their team is always ready to help.

blogsome (blog’some) /blohg-sum/ 1. noun. A free web hosting site for blogs.2. adj. noun. A topic worthy of being blogged. 3. verb . To blog a little e.g. “I am going to blog some”. 4. n. pl. My blogs i.e. blogs o’ me. “

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