For eBay, “Googled” Takes On A Whole New Meaning

Once again seeking not not just dominate but to monopolize entire industries (oops … did I say monopolize) rumors are that Google is planning to lauch a payment processing system that will rival PayPal. Google Wallet, if it does indeed launch, will undoubtedly do so before the lucrative Christmas season.

eBay shares dropped at the mere rumor (eBay owns payPal).

If this does indeed occur (and it undoubtedly will) there are three sure effects:

  1. Google shares and profits will rise
  2. eBay/payPal shares will continue to drop (why do I think when the folks over at eBay say, “Man, we’re sure Googled.” they’re not talking about people typing eBay into a search box 😉
  3. sites that accept Google payments will rank higher

This may be jumping the gun a bit but it seems to me that Google could further increase their profits by ranking sites higher that accept their payments thus capturing a percentage of the revenue from the sales themselves. Hmmmmmm.

But they’d never do that. After all, their motto is, “Don’t be evil.” Right?

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