First University-Level Web Analytics Program Under Development

In a partnership between the Web Analytics Association (WAA) and the University of British Columbia the very first in-depth university-level web analytics program has began development. The program is called the Web Analytics Award of Achievement and will be delivered 100% online.

Opinions and Case studies is what the learning units will be divided between. Course content will be covering three essential areas:

1. Web Site Optimization – Usability, Search Engine Optimization, Navigation, Checkout Funnels, Visitor Paths

2. Measuring / Managing Marketing Campaigns – Creative Testing, Pay-Per-Click, E-mail Marketing, Banners / other Display ad units, Rich Media

3. Analytical Business Culture – “People issues” including organizational buy-in for analytics usage and data-driven decision making, choosing and deploying the right solutions to meet business needs, staffing and training the organization properly, and communicating information to diverse constituents.

From the first information offered by WAA and UBC, the course looks like a fantastic chance for anyone involved with marketing or web site development to improve site sales performance. At this time the program is just starting to be developed, so it’s very early. When more information becomes available, rates, etc we will be sure to post.

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