Firefox Extensions

I’ve long touted the benefits of Firefox over Internet Explorer for security and functionality reasons. What I’ve never delved too depply into is the benefits to the end user of it’s Open Source status. Open Source means that 3rd parties can develop utilities that enhance the product and oh how they have.

With everything from tools to help the user more easily navigate webpages to some great SEO tools that will make finding information regarding yours and other’s sites much easier and quicker, there are extensions available to help pretty much anybody surf better (apart from the product itself).

If you haven’t yet, I highly recommend trying our this browser. it can be downloaded free from If you already use Firefox or are just interested in seeing the variety of extensions available you can visit I should note that there are other extensions available from individual developers. One that I’ve found very useful is Search Status from which enables you to view the PageRank and Alexa rank of a site through Firefox (it also privides access to an assortment of other information to ease the life of an SEO. You can get this extension off the quirk website at

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