Firefox 3 Sets Records, and Breaks Extensions

Early estimates for Firefox 3 adoption which started yesterday June 18th, 2008 show that between 8.3 and 11.07 million copies were download in the first 24 hours. Mozilla claimed its servers gave out about 83 terabytes of data in the 24-hour period, with one mirror sending data at speeds of 20 Gbps.

However for most geeks these numbers mean nothing – all they care about is, “Will my current Firefox extensions work?”, and the answer seems to be maybe. So here is a list of my extensions that work, and those that don’t (with a few left out that do work). Originally there were even more non-functioning extensions but several have been updated and are now in the working category.

Working: ColorZilla 1.9, fireform 0.6.3, FireFTP 0.99, IE Tab 1.5.20080310, IE View 1.3.7, SearchStatus 1.25, User Agent Switcher 0.6.11, Web Developer 1.1.6, and Zend Studio Toolbar 2.1

Non-Working: 1.2, Firebug 1.05 (1.2 beta 3 does work, but its only a beta), Google Global 1.0.2, and infoRSS 1.1.3

Total Working: 11 (2 Unmentioned ones work)
Total Non-Working: 4

As for new features Firefox 3 is a real gem. First its way better at memory management and overall speed / responsiveness. Secondly, now you can now drag and drop images from websites to your desktop (saved in original format). Thirdly, when your typing stuff in your address bar the auto population data now has Page Titles making it easier to find those obscure websites you visited. Naturally there are a lot more updates then this but these ones are just cool and I don’t have time to dig through massive release notes.

If your interested in monitoring the Firefox 3.0 browser usage check out this page.

You can download Firefox 3 here.

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