Examining Yahoo!’s Site Explorer Tool

There’s a very good article out by StepForth’s, CEO Ross Dunn on Yahoo! Site Explorer. The article covers not just the important features of it but also discusses the importance of such tools in the search engine’s own health as well and the ability of this tool to help the average webmaster in the heavy task of competitor analysis.

He covers the features and uses of these features well thus puting his article on my recommended reading list. You can find the article on the ISEDB website at http://www.isedb.com/db/articles/1508/.

Another interesting (though less informative from a pure-SEo standpoint) can also be found on the ISEDB website by Jim Hedger. His article chronicles his experiences at SES San Jose. I had the pleasure of chatting with Jim periodically throughout the show and his recap is fairly accurate if not revealing regarding the going-on in San Jose. Discussing openly the business and recreation of the conferences Jim gives a glimpse into what geek do when they’re surrounded only by other geeks.

The article also reveals the benefits of attending such conferences for SEO’s and novices alike though might be a bit discouraging for those who would attend to find a sober SEO to speak with. 😉 Note: In truth the consumption of beverages was restricted to “after hours” parties and from what I saw, the vast majority limited their consumptions to amounts condusive to showing up without Tylenol the next day.

For an interesting glimpse into the world of the Strategies Conferences you can read Jim’s article on the ISEDB website at http://www.isedb.com/db/articles/1506/. It’s not going to help you with SEO so it can’t really make my recommended reading list but it will help you understand SEO’s a little bit better.

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