Duplicate Pages & Value Bleeding

In my regular ransacking of the latest articles and news from the SEO community I stumbled on an article by Pole Position President, Stoney deGeyter (mentioned in previous blog posts as well) on a topic that is seldom considered yet which can have a large impact on a website’s rankings.

In his article Stoney brings up the point that there can be four versions of the same page according to a search engine. Assuming it’s the homepage we’re discussing here the four pages could be:

  • www.yoursite.com
  • www.yoursite.com/index.html
  • yoursite.com
  • yoursite.com/index.html

These are the same page and would appear as such in your browser however if the engines pick them up as unique then you may be in for a bumpy ride.

This duplication of pages generally occurs when the links to a page are not consistent. For example, if the links to the homepage within your site point to www.yoursite.com/index.html this may get picked us as unique from www.yoursite.com.

The article gets into the importance of standardizing your internal and external link work to insure that the effects provide the maximum benefit to your website.

This is a good article and recommended reading if for no other reason than it’s rarely covered and important to know. You can read the article in full on the ISEDB website here.

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