Don’t Start Counting Or Panicing

Ah, the blessed Google updating – we hate to love it and vice versa. We ran our rankings again for our clients as we’ve seen a lot of movement lately and the latest round of results appears (for the first time in a while) to widen the gap between the Caffeine results and the live results. For some – this is a moment of joy and for others, panic. For all – it is temporary (and by temporary I mean more than even a standard update is).

This widening gap is (in my humble opinion) a sign that either the Caffeine results have been deemed to be less relevant than the live results and will be abandoned (in which case we’re going to see updating based on a new algorithm here-to-for unseen) OR more likely – the fine folks at Google weren’t happy with the portions they were testing and will resume implementing portions of the Caffeine results in the next few days.

Either way – if you saw your results improve – don’t go counting your chickens and if you saw drops – don’t panic (and yes – I know that’s easier said than done). When in doubt – refer back to a previous article I wrote, “What To Do When Your Site Drops“. We all deal with it from time-to-time and it provides some solid advice on how we here at Beanstalk deal with it – even when it’s our corporate site.

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