Do Patents Point to SEO Gold?

There’s currently an article posted on the website titled, “Do Patents Point to SEO Gold?” The article, written by Shari Thorow, discussed whether studying the patents, whitepapers, etc. put out by search engine staff are guidelines for SEO or whether they will send those looking to use them to attain higher rankings in the wrong direction.

For those of you who are regular visitors to the Beanstalk blog you’ll know that we’re big fans of monitoring patents, studying them, memorizing them, and applying the lessons from them into our SEO strategies. For information on some of the more important patent applications we’ve used to adjust our strategies (guaranteed remember so we don’t just throw in anything we hear but rather only those that we know will work well) you can visit our blog posts on the patents for the Google Sandbox and editorial input.

The article gives a solid view of the pros and cons of monitoring the patents and discusses what SEO’s need to consider when doing so. The patent applications are not a blueprint, they cover much of what will never be done but if we understand the nature of a patent we understand what is important about such a thing being filed by a search engine. The purpose of a patent is to stop others from developing the same technology. This means that they view this specific technology so worthwhile that they don’t want others to use it.

If a technology is this valuable they are sure to integrate it in some form or another. To be sure, patents and the strict rules they indicate are not the end-all-be-all. Many functions are never introduced and others are altered before they are launched however as we discussed back in our article titled “Anatomy Of An Internet Search Engine” understanding how a search engine functions and what the end goal of the engine is gives optimizers a distinct advantage in rankings sites highly, not just today – but down the road as well by following the best practices of the current algorithms and the ones we know are coming.

The article on the SearchEngineWatch website is recommended reading for anyone who does or is interested in reading the various patents put out by the search engines and their staff. Knowing how to read them is almost as important as what they contain and Shari does a good job of outlining this. You can find the article on the SEW site here.

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