DMOZ Open For Business

The Open Directory Project (DMOZ) is once again open for business. The site was effectively down for months. You could view it but you couldn’t submit sites and even editors couldn’t go in to add, remove or edit entries. This situation was caused by a server crash at AOL that eliminated all submissions and basically caused havoc with the sytem.

I won’t bother getting into a full discussion on why they were down. That’s been covered in plenty of other places however the first light at the end of the tunnel was spotted on December 18, 2006 when editors were allowed back in to do their job and now it appears that you can submit again. 🙂

I make note of this as I’m gathering that not everyone is aware of this yet so the lineup in the queues is likely lower than average and so it’s a good time to get in there and get your site(s) submitted. 🙂

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