Did Facebook Rollback the Messenger App?

Facebook Messenger App

This may be breaking news or a glitch in the matrix but I think Facebook may have rolled back the mandatory use of its Messenger App.

When the messenger app was first released, I, like most, was not terribly impressed with Facebook’s decision to move its messenger service away from the main Facebook app. After trying it out, it took less than 24 hours for me to uninstall it. My issue with the app wasn’t due to how it functioned but more with my increased annoyance at all of the prompts to change the restrictions I had placed on my permissions. It’s a sad day when I would rather walk down the hall and use my desktop to check my Facebook messages than install an app on my phone. However, late last night I received a Facebook app update notification. After installing the update, messenger once again functioned inside my Facebook app.

I can’t find any official documentation to support this but a few colleagues have tried it and experienced the same results. Give it a try! I’m interested to see if others have noticed similar results and if Facebook has back peddled due to the large amount of negative media the app has received.

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