Cuil New Look For Beanstalk Staff

As a lot of people have heard the ex-Googlers at Cuil have launch their “Efficient Google Killer”, which seems to have become the laughing stock of the SEO Community for terrible results and matching up images with search results that don’t belong to the same website. Today out of curiosity I thought I would “Cuil” my own name and see what kind of results came up, and apparently I resemble a younger Ben Stiller from the 70s with a perm like mullet.
And if you haven’t guessed Dave is the taller less intimidating one. Here is a close up showing my better side and the Beanstalk URL, if you visit this page there aren’t any actual images in the content.
On a side note Cuil however does return 1,898 results vs Google’s 923 results for the term “Daryl Quenet”.

One of our Older Readers has told me that this is Hall and Oats, and after Googling for them I found the image is actually the CD Cover from their “The Very Best Of Hall & Oates

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