ComScore Metrics – Google’s Down :(

ComScore today released their numbers for December 2007 and Google took a bit of a slide. Here’s what happened in December:

  • Google dropped 0.2% from 58.6% to 58.4% of the market share
  • Yahoo! gained ground, up 0.5% from 22.4% to 22.9% market share
  • Microsoft heald steady at 9.8%
  • Time Warner gained 0.1% market share getting 4.6%
  • And Ask (sorry guys) lost ground going from 4.6% to 4.3% of the search market share

Also interesting to note is that overall search volume dropped in December, down 3.9% from November (apparently people feel the need to pry themselves away from their computer and perhaps chat with offline friends over the holidays 🙂

You can view the full press release on the ComScore site here.

We have updated the numbers used by our free keyword activity tool to reflect these new numbers.

In other news:

Jim Hedger and I have decided that we’re going to run a great series of articles and interviews for starting next week. Keep watching this space for more information as the topics (great for anyone interested in SEO) are posted. We’ll have great guests and great guest writers.

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