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comScore’s at it again … providing useful and insightful information on Internet trends. Those of you who’ve been following the Beanstalk SEO blog for a while now may remember that comScore is the company that provided us last month with the useful tid-bit that MSN searchers are more likely to purchase online than any other surfer.

Well today they just released the finding of their latest study on blog user patterns and demogrphics and it’s definitely worht noting if you have or are planning to add a blog to your site. Some of the key points they found are:

  • 50 million US Internet users visited a blog since the 1st quarter of 2005.
  • political blogs are the most popular, followed by lifestyle blogs, tech blogs, and blogs authored by women.
  • blog readers tend to be from more affluent households, younger, and use high-speed connectivity.
  • blog readers on average visit twice as many web pages as the average Internet user.
  • blog readers are more likely to purchase produces and services online.

Additionally interesting is that the top blog site now has more visitors than mainstream media sites, and showing that blogs are starting to “come of age” and be accepted as legitimate sources of information.

There are also some interesting demographical information brought forward:

  • blog visitors are 11% more likely than the average surfer to have a household income of over $75,000.
  • blog visitors are 30% more likely to live in a household where the head of that household is between the ages of 18 and 34.
  • blog visotirs are 11% more likely that the average Internet user to use broadband connectivity.
  • the average blog visitor spends 23 hours per week online as opposed to the average 13.
  • blog visitors are 30% more likely to purchase products and services online and will spend an average of 6% more when they do.

For more information on blog visitor user behaviour you can read their full report at

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