CodeMonitor – A Great Tool For SEO’s & Webmasters

While doing my generaly rounds of the forums and SEO resource sites I stumbled on an article by fellow SEO Stoney deGeyter. In his article he made reference to a tool that his team had developed mainly for their inhouse use but which they’ve now released in beta for general use.

What this tool does is monitor websites weekly for changes to the code. What this does for us as SEO’s and which would also be invaluable for webmasters or even website owners who want to know what’s going on with their site is monitor the site weekly and emails you when changes have been made. They even thought so far as to include a bit of code you can place around content that you know changes often so it isn’t reported to you (such as the blog update on the Beanstalk homepage in the right nav).

The tool is called CodeMonitor and best of all, it’s currently free. 🙂 You can sign up for the service at

On a slighly more personal note I’d like to thank Stoney for taking the time to speak with me about this tool. As President of the strategic search engine marketing firm PolePosition I’m sure he has a hectic schedule but it’s good to know that like us, he’ll still take time to speak with fellow SEO’s.

This is definitely a recommended resource for any SEO or webmaster.

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