The Cloud Wars: Google Strikes Back

Search Wars - the cloud wars

In an increasingly competitive environment, Google has lowered prices by 10% on its Google Compute Engine cloud platform. The search giant, who is in close competition with both Amazon & Bing, have done so in a bid to further drive down the costs of cloud storage, something it had promised to do earlier this year. So far this has led to a total cost reduction of 38% since the beginning of the year.

The cause of the cuts is largely suspected to be due to the Amazon Web Services re: Invent conference where traditionally price reductions were announced. The cut in cost now makes Google Compute Engine the most affordable service for on demand usage; while Amazon is giving them a run for their money for those willing to commit to a 3 year reserved instance.

Las month, however, Google did launch an initiative where start ups could be eligible to receive $100,00 in Cloud Platform credits in an attempt to compete with Amazon’s Portfolio package initiative.

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