Click Fraud, Google, Botnets, Jim Hedger & Webmaster Radio @ SES

For any of our blog readers who also listen to our weekly segment on Webmaster Radio to keep informed on the latest goings-on in the search engine world you’ll know that Jim Hedger has been promising a big story for the past couple weeks. Well it’s finally out there and as promised, he doesn’t disappoint.

Allegations of Click Fraud, inadvertent terrorist funding and more add smatterings of a Hollywood drama to the tech world in what could well be one of the biggest stories since Google was first developed. Even Matt Cutts (Google engineer and quality control guru) is in on the action with multiple blog posts attacking the claims).

An interview with Clarence Briggs of AIT sparked the investigation that has been going on for weeks and involves many independent and involved personalities.

As I’m closely tied to Jim as a co-host of the weekly radio show I’m going to keep my personal impressions aside and simply provide some important links for your viewing/reading. These are links to the original interviews, press conference at SES Chicago as well as some posts on the issue. For anyone involved in PPC or the search engine world this is important news. I also need to mention that the story has only been released as part one (as noted on the Webmaster Radio site). There is more coming and as it becomes available we at Beanstalk will be sure to keep you informed.

The press conference (link removed) – The press conference at SES Chicago where this all was brought to light.
The interview – The interview with Clarence Briggs that sparked the investigation.
Matt response – Matt Cutts responds to the allegations. I notice he’s been numbering his posts on it so there’s surely more to come.
Matt Cutts’ second response – Matt posts again on the topic 13 minutes later.
Article by Kevin Newcomb – An article on the subject on
A post by Jim Hedger – Jim Hedger describes the story and how it’s being taken by the press, SEO’s and public.

Keep watching, we’ll be posting more as soon as new information becomes available.

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