Chatting With Rand Fishkin & Barrie North

We just finished airing a great episode of Webcology on Today we covered a bit of news including the free-to-attend Affiliate Convention – organized in part by my co-host Mr. Jim Hedger.

Our first guest today was none other than Rand Fishkin over at SEOmoz who discussed a great paper they recent published on link building titled, “The Professional’s Guide To Link Building” (which – I’ll point out – the fact that I’m linking to it in this blog post proves one of their link building points). Highly recommended reading for anyone interested in building links.

We discussed link profiles, what to look for when analyzing your competitors and how to determine the right strategy for your link building efforts.

Rand also discussed with us some comments made by Seth Godin regarding how to make money from SEO and whether or not SEO’s need to know code (apparently 21% of SEO’s polled don’t think they do).

After Rand, Jim and I had the pleasure of chatting with Barrie North from Joomla Shack who discussed with us the benefits of Joomla as well as other SEO-friendly CMS systems. We covered issues such as easy-of-use and what to take into account when first setting up your site.

If you missed this great episode you can listen to or download the podcast from the Webmaster Radio site here.

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