Buying Vehicles Google’s Way – Google Vehicle Search

Yesterday while talking to a potential client I noticed a new feature that Google had implemented into the SERPs in the US (If your outside of the US add ≷=us to the search URL, or ≷=ca to see how it doesn’t work out side of the US). The search term the client was interested in was Used Cars Utah, and various other permutations and themed terms. If you Google the term Used Cars Utah, you get an input box and two select boxes for “Location”, “Make”, and “Model”. Having searched for Used Cars Utah “Make” was selected as all with a “Model” of “Utah”, okay so its definitely beta point taken.

So next I Googled the root phrase “Used Cars”, up popped 1 input and 2 selects but with different names “Location”, “Make”, “Condition” with Used selected as the condition so now we have two different forms based on the search phrase. Playing around I next Googled Cars Victoria (my home city), and go the results with the Model select box and Victoria selected, with Ford the Make (Okay so I’m assuming Google recognized a Ford Crown Victoria).

Lastly I was curious where the exceptions are if you Google terms like “Cars Acura”, “Cars Lexus”, “Cars BMW” or other makes you don’t get any results with the manufacturers being #1 respectively for their terms. Now if you change it up a bit and add the term Used Cars Manufacturer, you get the search box for Lexus + Acura, but not BMW. Once again definitely beta, but I’m sure they’ll be making adjustments as time goes by.

If you own a dealership and your interested in getting your vehicles listed you’ll want to know that it is powered by the Google Base API. Once you start searching through the results you can quickly find vehicles in your region. Currently there are 79,666 used Acura’s on Google Base Vehicle Search. Now thats a bit of a selection!

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