But Our Butts Were Still Red !!!

Well the dust hasn’t even settled yet on the three PageRank updates we were graced with in October and Google’s launched another volley and a vast number of sites lost some (or more) of those little green pixels.

In our preliminary analysis there appears to be a bit more to it than the gaining or losing of some visual PageRank (mainly losing it appears at this point). In a chat I was having with Jim Hedger earlier when we were comparing notes both of us agreed that we’ve seen some shifting in the rankings over the past few days and both of us expect to see more in the near future (and by that I mean within the next couple days).

From Jim’s observations a lot of the sites affected have had some association with SEO/SEM firms though may not be involved directly in the industry or sell links. I haven’t seen that myself as some non-SEO related sites got the hard smack (again?) but an observation worth noting while we seek common trends in what’s going on.

Now, lets be clear – what appears in the green bar is not a particularly relevant reflection of the value of a site or it’s ability to rank highly (used to be – not anymore). That said, with all these major changes going on one can only assume that this is indicative of other changes in the way sites will be ranked. Or Google’s just messing around with us for fun or because the rumors are true and they’re going to dump the whole thing altogether and they want us to be thankful for it by the time it happens. 🙂

To be sure we’ll be watching this carefully over the weekend and over the upcoming days and weeks (and months, and years …) and we’ll keep you posted as we have more time for analysis. Some useful reading and placed to keep watching are:

  • here of course 🙂
  • Andy Beard- Andy has been following this closely since October and is reporting on it well. He brings up some great points in today’s post titled ZERORANK. One of my favorite points is one I’ve griped about before, that there’s no way to request reinclusion to Google without “admitting” that you did something wrong to begin with. Well what if you were actually penalized incorrectly?
  • DigitalPoint Forums – A discussion on the subject.

So a thought for Google to close out the blog for the weekend – next time, please wait until our butts have healed from the first spanking before launching into the next round. 🙂

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