But … It Was My Brother !!!

Today I feel sorry for my kids. Every parent reading this will remember those times when they heard a loud BANG and assumed incorrectly who had done it. TELI !!!

“But it wasn’t me !!!”

A couple days later the milk’s spilled all over the place. KAEMON !!!

“But it wasn’t me !!!”

Well now I know how they feel.

I got into work this morning, launched my browser. When Firefox loads it starts with 4 tabs, one for each of the major engines and a second datacenter for Google – all with our primary phrase preset for easy reference. All looked right in the world. Then I went to our blog. It took a second to realize that the little green bar had changed. What was once a 6 was now a 4.

Hmmmm. This sometimes happens when the PR of the last page I was at holds so let’s go to the homepage. OK, now the homepage in a new window. OK, let’s try a different browser altogether. OK, now it’s time to stop – You’re a PR4.

What could I have done “wrong”? I don’t sell links. I had couple paid links but I got rid of any that weren’t producing some decent traffic ages ago so really I was using text links to buy traffic. Surely Google of all people can’t have a problem with that. I did have a few outbound links from our left nav on our homepage but they weren’t paid for – they just pointed to resources such as SearchEngineWatch.com. You know, resources I really did feel worth passing a vote for. Meanwhile there are sites I can see up against me that I can confirm buy links (and some that sell them) that actually attained increases in toolbar PageRank (though we still beat them in the SERPs so … 🙂 So why do I lose toolbar PageRank and my brother doesn’t?

Well, for anyone who read my now ironic though well-timed blog rant from last week on PageRank you’ll know that while I might be obsessed with search engines and I might be obsessed with Google, I care a lot more about where a site appears in the SERPs than I do about a little green bar.

A lot of sites have been blasted in the last couple rounds of PageRank updates. Here are some blogs and forums where you can go for discussion on this topic:

A simple search on Google’s Blog Search Engine (should I rel=”nofollow” that just to be cheeky? – you’ll notice …. I didn’t 😉 for “pagerank update” will provide you many more hours of reading.

Good luck to you all as this continues. Maybe in the end my wishes will come true – the green bar will go away and we’ll all be stuck building links for relevancy and judging our results by our rankings. For some reason the Beatle’s “Imagine” is running through my head. 🙂

And Google, just so you know – I wasn’t selling links … it was my brother.

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