& Yahoo! Rankings

Back on February 13th we reported here that a paid listing on had killed the Yahoo! results for a client of ours. We had the listing removed from and I spoke with them and asked that any feeds sent to Yahoo! not include our client.

One of the indicators of the issue was that the page was caching at 89k on Yahoo! and was actually redirecting through when clicked. A few days after the removal of the site from the cache size returned to normal.

Well, we are pleased to announce that as of last Friday (the 7th) the rankings are back.

So we can confirm that it’s a pretty quick bounce-back if you’ve got a listing and watched your rankings on Yahoo! tank.

Hopefully this isn’t you but if it is – you know what to do (and sorry to our friends over at but head’s up – this is something you REALLY need to address and address it FAST).

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