Brace Yourselves – Windows 8 is Coming!

windows 8 is coming

With only scant months away before the pending release of Windows 8 this fall, the final build of the new Microsoft operating system (os) has already begun to appear on torrent sites. Some of the biggest concerns about the new Windows interface is that will not allow users to opt out of the “formerly known as Metro” UI. Prior builds still allowed users to create a shortcut on the desktop to bypass Metro and go straight to the Explorer desktop.

ZDnet reported that Microsoft will be blocking the ability of administrator accounts to use the Group Policy to allow users to bypass the tiled Metro screen. There has been pressure on Microsoft to at least allow corporate users to have the ability to create a bypass for compatibilities

And now for something complete different…

autonomus Driving

Google’s automated cars are now surpassing humans with better driving records than the average American. Since the projects inception, the desire by Google was to create an automated vehicle that would be capable of out-performing human drivers and it seems they may have succeeded. Google’s self driver cars have now logged over 500 000 km (300 000 miles) accident-free without one single instance of an accident that was under computer control. Sebastian Thrun announced the project in 2010, and stated that, “According to the World Health Organization, more than 1.2 million lives are lost every year in road traffic accidents. We believe our technology has the potential to cut that number, perhaps by as much as half.” It would certainly seem that Google is on the right track.

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