Blogger And Google Indexing Problem

I love RSS and I love the Firefox Extension RSS Ticker. Firefox is an excellent browser and combined, these two make it easy to keep updated on the latest going-on effortlessly by scrolling my favorite RSS feeds across the bottom of my browser window. And that’s how I found this latest tid-bit of info on the Marketing Pilgrim blog.

For those who have blogs through Blogger (like this one) and who have converted to the new system recently, take a look at your code. It appears that there are some *minor* issues. Actually, just one but wow – is it a doozy.

Blogger blogs, by default, include the following generic code: <$BlogMetaData$>

Well this doesn’t look so bad. It tells Blogger to insert the meta data specified for the site through the Blogger control panel, how helpful. The control panel allows you to set your blog as listed or unlisted. If it’s listed then it will be crawlable, if it’s unlisted then it will not be. Unfortunately for some unfortunates who have recently switched, this tag is producing the following:

Hmmm, looks OK, looks OK, WAIT!!! Huston, we have a problem.

So, if you’ve recently converted to the new version of Blogger, be sure to check your code. You might find something a bit, well, let’s use the word “hindering” shall we?

As an additional note, and on an unrelated topic, please accept my apologies for the lack of posts of late. I’ve been busy ransacking and preparing to write about Google Personalization which involves tearing through 6 patents (now THAT’s fun reading) and then taking the time to understand what they actually mean. SiteProNews editor Jim Hedger and I will be publishing a white paper in the next couple weeks on the subject. I will be posting some patent info in the next couple days on this blog so keep watching.

And to be fair to the source of the Blogger info, here’s your link Andy. 🙂

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