Believe It Or Not …

Believe It Or Not … Good content matters.

In a very good article by SEO Joel Walsh on the SiteProNews website he makes note of the common thread of high ranking sites … good content. He even gives a few tips on writing it.

Now I’m the first to admit that writing good content isn’t the only key to high rankings and I wouldn’t even say it’s the most important, however as Google becomes better able to assess content quality, how sentences are strung together, and as it can pick up on misspellings these factors are sure to become, if anything, more important over time.

An additional point can be scored for good content when we think about the main reason you have a website … the visitors. SEO is not about traffic and bragging rights, it’s about business. The better your content is written, the higher it will convert and the more trust your visitors will have in your abilities (even is your services have nothing to do with writing).

Joel’s article definitely makes our recommended reading list and can be found on the SitePro site at

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