Beanstalk’s New Twitter Page

Well I’ve finally joined the 21st century.  As many of my friend’s have mocked me for – I didn’t get involved with social media until only recently.  I have been a heavy user of Facebook for a while but I only have friends on my friends list (what a novel concept) and I’ve only been using Twitter for a few months.  I’ll admit that after many months of basically exclaiming that Twitter was nothing more than another time-sucking waste I’ve been partly converted.  It is a time-sucking waste but a useful one. 🙂

I’ve had a Beanstalk page up on twitter for a few months.  We have 390 followers due in large part to the fact that I’m only following 330 people.  Why?  Well, because I still hang on to the belief that if I’m going to use Twitter I should keep it useful and to keep it useful I can’t have 8000 people all screaming their ads at me, cluttering up the comments from people I’m interested in.  I have many friends that I don’t follow simply because I’m not interested in their Twitter topic (not a “cat person” for example) and because I’m not overly concerned about increasing my follower numbers just for a sake of it.  If I want my information getting out there then it makes sense to follow people who are interested in my topic (SEO) that way the people who follow me are more likely to Retweet, etc.  Basically – I use it more as a communications tool so if I don’t follow you – don’t feel bad, you should only follow me if you’re actually interested in my Tweets too.

So that’s been going on for a few months with over 1000 Tweets to my name – so why talk about his now?  Well, my good friend Kristine has just designed for us a fantastic Twitter background.  This replaces the tiles of pics of my kids that the page used to contain.  Need to express my sincere thanks to Kristine and highly recommend her if you need a new and professional Twitter background or some hand-coded site design work (note: highly talented there as well and that’s actually more how I know her).

And of course – you’re welcome to follow us on Twitter (or just view our awesome new background at

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