Beanstalk Wins

Well it’s always nice to be recognized and so winning two awards in the same month for different categories of SEO is a pretty good feeling. The awards came out and we get two of them, one of the top SEO training companies and one of the top organic optimization companies. Since we don’t do PPC – we’re pretty happy with those results. 🙂

View The Results:

Best in Organic Optimization
Beanstalk ranked #7 in Canada for best organic optimization. I have a hunch that the fact that we don’t list off our clients (never have, never will) played against us there but it’s nice to be recognized without having to. Perhaps it’s our own rankings that tipped us over the top. 😉

Best In SEO Training
In the SEO training category we ranked #5. Not too shabby for our first pop onto the radar in the awards.

All-in-all we’d like to extend a big thanks to for appreciating the effort we put into our campaigns and our training. Of course, we won’t let it go to our heads – we still need to produce the results to insure we get higher in the award results and of course, to insure we don’t ahve to pay back our guaranteed clients. 🙂

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