Beanstalk & The Search Engine Marketing Kit

I am pleased to announce that I have been asked (and accepted) an invitation to become the new writer for SitePoint’s “The Search Engine Marketing Kit“.

While it is definitely unfortunate that Dan Thies will be leaving as its author, I am happy to try to fill the shoes he’s leaving and look forward to providing new and updated information for this excellent publication as it moves forward into the future (is there anywhere else to move forward to 🙂

Having been published on SitePoint in the past and visiting it regularly for updated information and new insights into the world of webmastering it is an honor to be extended this opportunity and I would like to offer my sincerely thanks to SitePoint’s Managing Editor Simon Mackie.

The first set of updates will be released in January of 2007. Keep watching the Beanstalk blog for more information.

And on the tangent of SEO, there is a useful article out by Shirley Kaiser on the SitePoint website titled, “The Ultimate SEO Checklist”. It includes many useful tips on developing a site that can rank well. If you’re a veteran it may not provide a lot of new material but it covers a lot of the basic well thus making it excellent reading for those just getting started in the SEO-game. You can find it on the SitePoint site here.

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