Beanstalk RSS

Back on May 27th Beanstalk added an RSS feed of our blog for those of you wishing to use RSS readers or otherwise syndicate our SEO blog content.

Why would you use an RSS reader rather than simply visit our blog every day? Very good question and we’d certainly love for you to visit our site daily, however there are many people who would need to visit many sites daily and many of these sites also offer RSS feeds. To save you time you can use an RSS reader to show all of the content in one convenient location.

To help you in your travels we are happy to provide two important resources that will help you keep on top of changes in the SEO world.

  1. You can find a great list of RSS readers at The readers are ranked (accurately) so find your OS and enjoy. 🙂
  2. While we try our best to keep our visitors updated daily on what’s going on in the SEO world we also recognize that there are other resources out there. Fortunately we have found many of the best of them. 🙂 On our website at we have added the RSS feeds of the best SEO resource sites we’ve found. Visit this page often, more will be added as we deem them worthy of a spot on our site.

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