Beanstalk Phone Lines Down – Thanks Telus

Warning: venting ahead …

For our regular blog readers you may recall a time back in June when I first wrote of phone issues caused by our phone provider, Telus. On that day we were told our lines would be up shortly and they were down for 3 hours. We switched to Shaw Internet phone and haven’t had any problems.

Well recently I began hosting the Webmaster Radio show “The Alternative” with Jim Hedger. To do the show we have to be accessible from a landline (not Internet) telephone. For the first few weeks this meant scrambling to find a landline phone to use nearby, and so when I received a call from Telus inviting me back with great long distance, great Internet access and assurance on two separate occasions that the downtime on the phone line during the transfer would be no more than 10 minutes I decided to go for the switch thus making my Thursday afternoons much less chaotic.

I’m not sure exactly what time today our phone lines became inactive as outgoing calls were working through Shaw (who I’ve still yet to have a problem with). I just thought it was a slow day at the office and perhaps a great opportunity to get some work caught up, until I received an email notifying me that the caller was forwarded to a Telus non-descript answering service. I tried calling myself and sure enough, I was going to a mailbox.

Of course I called them up to find out what was going wrong (and maybe why they never told me that the line was switched and live). They haven’t done the transfer yet though the system seemed to disagree. I went to check the phone jacks, tested it out and now I wasn’t even getting to the voice mail, just a “not in service” message. A call back, not sure what happened but no we can’t get your messages – the mailbox was deleted. OMG.

So now we’ve been down a phone line all day, all the messages we missed not knowing our phones had been switched are gone and if we want to keep Show for our phone we’re going to be down for 10 days which the number gets ported back. Oh, and they’re not sending someone out to fix the problem – we’ve been told that someone will be over some time tomorrow though they won’t confirm a time, that’s not their policy.

So our sincere apologies to anyone who has tried to contact us today. Email is working as that’s under the control of Shaw and W3 EDGE (where our site is hosted). We’ll of course post again as soon as the lines are back up.

Oh, and if anyone would like to help with my venting then link to this post with the anchor text “Telus” or “telus” or “telus bc”. I would love for this post to rank for one of those phrases. 🙂 This link should point to

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