Beanstalk Launches a New Free SEO Tool

Beanstalk today launched the second tool in what will be an ongoing series of free SEO tools built for the SEO community and do-it-yourselfer’s.

Yesterday we launched a tool that facilitates checking the rankings of multiple domains for a phrase. You’ll find that tool here.

Today we lanuched an even more useful tool. The tool launched today allows website owners to check their rankings for multiple phrases at once. This tools stands to save website owners time each month by allowing them to run a single query rather than searching over and over again and root through sometimes pages of results to find where they rank for their targeted phrases.

You’ll find this new tool here.

You’ll also want to keep an eye (bookmarking recommended – especially if you use Google Bookmarks) our Free SEO Tools page. We’ll be launching many more useful tools over the next couple weeks and plan to continue developing more tools and improving those we’ve already launched.

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