Beanstalk Joins The Firefox Army

I remember a time when the browser Firefox first came out. It was brought to my attention by tech guru Rick Morris at (where the Beanstalk site is hosted). Rick essentially forced all WeDo staff to switch over for the added security that it provides over IE. I took his advice and have never turned back.

Since then I’ve discovered that the added security only touches on the vast benefits of this incredible open source browser. Because it’s open source, developers from around the world have build some incredible extensions and tools for it that help the SEO, the webmaster or just those surfing the net. You can find anything from PageRank and keyword density tools to enhancements that simply detect where you’re located and display the weather.

Beanstalk has now joined the SpreadFirefox campaign. We’ve noted the benefits numerous time and we figure it’s high time we start reaping the vast rewards from Firefox themselves which include free prizes from Mozilla such as bragging rights, a snazzy Firefox t-shirt or perhaps even an iPod. 😉

So take our advice, download Firefox, use it, love it and if you want to make the most of it be sure to also visit their extensions page to find all the great things you can add to Firefox to make it arguably the best of the design and SEO tools you have in your arsenal.

You can view many of the great extensions at though if you can’t find them there be sure to search online or visit the Mozilla Firefox Extensions page.

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