Beanstalk Gets Slapped For Our Guarantee

We’ve always tried to be ethical business people. We’ve been in business since 2004 and have had a guarantee since our launch. It’s changed a bit over the years but the heart of it has always been the same – if we can’t get a client into the top of the rankings then we haven’t earned our full salary. You can read about it on our site here if you’d like to see how it’s worded.

Well I got an email from the SEO Consultants Directory a few months ago noting that someone else in the directory had a problem with us offering a guarantee. Why others should have any say in how we operate our business I have no idea but at the end of the day we worked it out and the folks over at the directory were satisfied that we were true to our word.

Well alas – that wasn’t the end of it. I got an email last week that they weren’t listing any new SEO companies that offer a guarantee. When I replied this morning I got back a note that after 4 years – we’ve been pulled from their directory.

To be fair as we don’t offer the option to comment on our blog, here is the reply to my question as to whether our company would be pulled:

Yes you have. Dave, you’re guarantee is a prime candidate for our focus and one of the three that were read in detail that caused us to come to our final decision in this area. It reads like SEO Snake Oil and to the average consumer is going to confuse the **** out of them. That’s your choice though and we did bring this up once in the recent past. We’re really surprised that someone with your tenure and standing in the industry even has such a myth attached to their site in this day and age.

Nothing personal, strictly business.

Thanks for being a long standing member. But this doesn’t work for us. And changing it now in a “reaction” to our decision would not be of any help either. This is sheer mumbo jumbo. We were almost tempted to use it as an actual example of what we were discussing and decided against it out of respect for our members. I think you were the only one out of our 109 Active Members who advertises this type of SEO Guarantee. And, we’ve caught some heat about it over the years and have overlooked it because we know what you are guaranteeing is usually a given with most successful campaigns. You’ve made it look like you are doing something that others cannot and then have slapped a guarantee on top of it to enforce that belief. Heh! And then you have a Google Guarantee? Oh boy, don’t get us started, please…

So I don’t particularly get the point. My favorite part is, “… have overlooked it because we know what you are guaranteeing is usually a given with most successful campaigns.” OK then – basically our guarantee is what most SEO’s offer but we just outline it and put it in our contracts. What then, is the problem?

At any rate – that’s my rant for the day and now I have to get back to working for clients. To be fair – if there’s a reply from the directory worth noting – I’ll add it to this post.

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