AskJeeves “Excite”ed

AskJeeves announced today that they are now acquiring Excite Europe, a move that helps Ask expand further into the UK market. AskJeeves currently enjoys a solid toe-hold on the European search market and this move will help them further solidify their position in this region.

Now owning Excite US and Europe.

Additionally, AskJeeves has announced that they will be working with InfoSpace to enhance the search experience on Excite.

While Ask does not expect this acquisition to affect 2005 projected revenue it should provide them with much better positioning as they head into 2006. Assuming Ask has enough in the coffers to compete with the inevitable push of MSN into the European market, this acquisition could well situate them to become the #2 engine after Google in the region.

If you’re interested you can read the full press release here (Note: hyperlink brought down as the page was removed).

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