Ask, Microsoft, Google, Aaron Wall & Andrew Goodman

I realized upon setting up to write this post that I need to apologize to you, our valued blog visitor. In logging into Bl0gger I noticed that it was in fact a week ago that I wrote last. Unacceptable. To remedy these delays between posting I’m going to try to post more often AND within the next couple weeks you’ll start reading from some new voices over here at Beanstalk including those of Daryl Quenet and Ken Nichol. This will also provide some different perspectives and topic than just my one lone voice can provide. So stay tunes and don’t forget to Bookmark us (and if you use Google bookmarks or one of the other great social bookmarking sites … all the better :).

But now onto the real post:

Today, being Thursday – I did my weekly show on Webmaster Radio. It was a great show with a great guest and, as always, I was joined by Jim Hedger. As we usually do, Jim and I spent the first 15 minutes discussing some of the major goings-on in the search engine world. Today this included:

  • Jim Lanzone leaving Ask – The Internet Marketing community mourns the loss of Jim Lanzone from Ask. Jim revitalized and under his leadership turned the engine into a world leader (if not in market share then in technology). He will be missed but at the same time we’re all excited to see what his successor Jim Safka can do.
  • Microsoft To Buy Fast Search Engine – Microsoft has made an offer of $1.2 billion for the Fast search engine. This move stands to shake up Enterprise search considerably and will be a “need to watch” issue after the sale completes (likely in Q2 of this year).
  • Google hits 66% market share – Hitwise has releases their stats for December in regards to search market share. It appears Google is up yet again. The stats are:Google – 65.98%
    Yahoo! – 20.88%
    MSN – 7.04%
    Ask – 4.14%
  • Aaron Wall PPC v SEO Debate – Aaron Wall yesterday posted a blog on the SEO vs. PPC debate. Jim and I quickly discussed how one affects the other and how it’s difficult to track what campaign is providing what result when the combination may be increasing overall conversions. We skipped through this section and when we came back we were able to discuss it with …

Andrew Goodman from Page Zero just launched into organic SEO – a jump from pure PPC Management they have provided thus far. Jim and I pelted Andrew with questions and got some great info. I’m going to be a jerk though and make you visit the Webmaster Radio site and download the podcast or read the transcripts on the Webmaster radio site. They should be available in the next 24 hours (at least the podcast – the transcripts can take a bit longer).

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