Article Title Oops

For those of you who visit our blog regularly you’ll recall that back on October 5th I announced the latest article publication by Beanstalk, titled “How To Win Links & Influence Engines“. A few days have passed since then and I decided to do a quick check and see where it might be published (knowing full well that the list would be pretty limited as a weekend doesn’t result in a lot of posts). It was then that I realized an “oops”.

In searching for “how to win links” on Google I discovered an article series published by’s Jennifer Laycock titled, “How To Win Links And Influence People”. Oops. Both Jennifer and I obviously have the same respect for Dale Carnegie and appear to have a fairly similar train of thought regarding titling articles but nonetheless I can’t help but feel a bit bad given the significant respect I have for Jennifer who’s articles I’ve reference in past blog posts including her analysis of MSN’s paid search service and an absurd lawsuit against Google.

I will be sending Jennifer an email shortly apologizing for not looking into this title earlier. An unfortunately coincidence but then, great minds think alike. You can read her article on the website here. As I’ve now discovered, it’s a very good read.

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