Andy Hagans On Link Baiting

An article written by link-guru Andy Hagans came to my attention today. The article is on “link baiting” and it covers some unique methods for attaining links to your website. In the article Andy discusses the Google sandbox (or “Trustbox” as he calls it) and he argues that effective link baiting can help you get through this purgatory faster.

I could go through the article here in this post but rather than do that I’m going to prove Andy’s point and link right to his article. One of his points is to get links from blogs and so I’ll oblidge by giving one here with the anchor text “link baiting” just for good measure. 🙂

The article is both humerous and informative and is highly recommended reading for anyone interested in SEO and link building (and if you’re not – what are you doing on our blog?). I’ve even gone so far as to add it to my Bookmarks Toolbar so I can read it again later when I’ll have time to focus a bit more.

Well done Andy, you get an A+ for this one. 🙂

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