And More From Matt Cutts

Two days ago we brought you information on an interview with Google guru Matt Cutts in which he described a fairly new black hat tactic. In this interview he pointed to OneupWeb as a company that used the technology and got their clients into major trouble. Visit our blog post from September 19th for more on that topic. The next day we brought you information from Jim Hedger of SiteProNews on a pretty major issue. He received a call from the CEO of OneupWeb. They claimed that not only didn’t they but they don’t host their clients so they couldn’t have. Was Matt misinformed? Could even one of Google’s best be … cough cough … wrong? Read our post from September 20th for more on this.

Well now we have a response back from Matt himself on the issue. As it turns out, well, indeed one of Google’s best can be wrong. Here is what he said to Jim Hedger:

In this case, the simplest explanation is the right one: I made a mistake. I meant to say iPowerWeb, and I said Oneupweb by accident. I felt bad enough about the mistake that I posted a clarification on my blog at:

My apologies to Lisa Wehr and the folks at Oneupweb, who responded to my error with grace and humor.

So there we have it. OneupWeb is vindicated.

There are some other great comment from Matt on the SiteProNews blog. You can visit Jim’s post from today to find out more.

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