And I Still Have Yet To Attend A Session

Today was an exciting day at SES NY 2007. I haven’t had the time to attend a session yet (that’s right, 3 days in and still no sessions). On the plus side, I’ve had the opportunity to interview many of the people who’s sessions I’d have most wanted to attend and ask them my own questions. 🙂

The Rest Of Yesterday:
After yesterday’s blog post I had the pleasure of chatting with presellpageman (he doesn’t want his actual name posted). We discussed links, the changes in how the engines treat different kinds of links, and what’s coming up. We covered recip links, directories, paid links, articles, blog and forum commenting and of course, hosted content (his specialty). This was interview one of three I’m hoping to get on link building and how the strategies are and/or will be changing over the next year. I won’t get into too much detail here as the interviews are for an article I’ll be writing. I’ll just post a link to it when it’s completed so be sure to visit again for more details.

After the day was complete it was off to a fantastic dinner and pub crawl hosted by Efficient Frontier. A HUGE thanks to Chris Zacharias for an awesome night, a great dinner, and some fantastic company. We stayed up too late but it was worth it. 🙂

And Then It Was Today:
After a bit of a sleep-in (there was nothing pressing to do pre-noon so getting there at 10 seemed OK) the majority of my time was spent networking, research and hosting our weekly radio show live from New York.

We had a slough of great guests on today. I found that it’s easier to interview when you’ve got a desk to jot notes on but with the guests we had it went smoothly. We had Kim from Cre8asite Forums, Li Evans from SEO Roundtable, Tim Daly from iMediaConnection, and Lori Weisman from Click Forensics. After that we just hit the crowd to ask a few questions.

I’ll post a link to the show’s podcast once it’s online.

And Tonight:
Tonight we’ll be off to Search Bash, a party hosted here are the Hilton NY by Webmaster Radio, LookSmart and Bruce Clay. But you’ll read more about that tomorrow.

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