An SEO Competition – “cpayscom online casinos”

Beanstalk has just entered into an SEO competition for the phrase “cpayscom online casinos” held by Unfortunately for us we’re getting in late and have thus lost a couple months to get the job done over our competitors but then … sometimes the playing field just isn’t level to begin with. 🙂

The contest runs until July 1, 2006 with the top 50 on Google winning a prize and the #1 sites on Yahoo! and MSN also getting a “little something”. Of course we’re more in it to see if we can come from behind and take it. 🙂

For the purpose of this contest we’re using the site to target the phrase cpayscom online casinos and hopefully this blog post will help a bit. 😉 The site itself is a small directory of Internet resources but with a PR of 5 it may help get us where we need to be for the competition.

Good luck to all the competitors in this (but not too much). Feel free to run the searches on July 1st to see how we did or check our blog – we’ll post the results here.

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