An Interesting SEO Competition

On today’s Webmaster Radio show I had the pleasure of chatting with Frederick Townes of W3 EDGE Web Design (they’re the folks who designed our site for us) as well as Jeff Quipp from Search Engine People. Jim and I had out usual banter for the first 20 minutes however rather than bouncing through a few topics we discussed Google Universal quite extensively. The show is definitely worth a listen if only to get a better understanding of this interesting twist on search and the challenges it presents for search marketers.

But that’s not what the title’s about now is it?

While he was on our show Jeff discussed an interesting SEO competition that they have running. Top rankings for an interesting phrase? Nope. Who can get a site into the top 10 fastest for a competitive phrase? Not even close. No, the fine folks at Search Engine People got a bit creative and are having a “write the best SEO song” competition. That’s right, if you can write the best song about SEO you win their $1000 prize.

An interesting notion and I wish them luck. I assume the primary purpose of the contest is as link bait and I wish them the best of luck. it seems to be working well ‘cuz here’s a link to the contest. 🙂

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