An Additional Point On The Update

Last night while sitting in my front yard pondering this latest update on Google (yes I know, I need to get a better hobby) a factor occurred to me that I hadn’t considered previously. Now, I haven’t had time to really test it yet but I am seeing some evidence of link growth rate being a factor in this recent update on Google.

Essentially what this means is that it is possible that sites with a high growth rate in links are ranking higher than sites that may have more links overall, but who’s link acquisition rate is slow.

As noted, I have not had the opportunity to test this or even look into it in great detail however, it occurred to me and there are some indicators that this may be the case and as it was missing from our article on the update I felt it necessary to add it here.

I hope that this update was kind to you all and wish you well through the subsequent adjustments that are sure to come.

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