A Sad Day For Blogger Users But Good For Beanstalk

I love Google. Before I head into my latest rant I wanted to get that out of the way as this is two posts in a row that involve me complaining about something Google is doing. Perhaps the flaw is in the way I viewed Google – as more than just a marketing company. I suppose that this means I wasn’t really paying attention when the quarterly reports came out. 🙂

First, let’s setup the situation …

The year is 2004 and I’ve just registered the domain beanstalkim.com. I like sharing information and I like adding content to our site and so as soon as the site was fully operational and our core 100-or-so pages of content ere built I worked to get a blog started with the first post appearing on March 24 of 2005 (about the AskJeeves purchase). 🙂 When I was choosing the blog system to use the choice was pretty obvious to me. The logic went something like,

  • I want Google to crawl my blog
  • Google owns Blogger
  • Google creates the Blogger code
  • Google will thus always be able to crawl Blogger blogs
  • I think I’ll go with Blogger

I wanted to content on our site so I chose Blogger and went with their FTP option. I chose Blogger because of the FTP option. I have setup clients in Blogger because it’s run by Google and has an FTP options. Google has just announced that they will be discontinuing their FTP option. Insert expletive here.

Now, I can see their reasoning. By their count, only 0.5% of the Blogger blogs are uploaded via FTP and are responsible for a disproportionate amount of support resources HOWEVER I would counter with two point.

About 75% of all the blogs are spam and I’d bet that the ones hosted on actual domains are more likely to be legit. I may be wrong but I’d bet not. But still – if we assume that we are still left with only 2% of legit Blogger sites being uploaded via FTP. So what does that mean in numbers? I don’t have access to the most current data but let’s say – thousand upon thousands of users will feel the inconvenience and now I have to go back and appolgoize for recommending to my clients that they use Blogger and further – find a solution.

Now – I do like their sub-domain solution (they’ll host blog.beanstalkim.com but let’s be honest – it’s still going to cost me to go this route via lost links to existing posts and the lost weight that seems to affect 301’d links (though I’m not sure why but it does appear to happen).

At any rate – that’s my rant and stay tuned, once I figure out what we’re going to do and test it – I’ll blog about the results so if you too are caught in this mess – hopefully we’ll be able to give you a solid solution. 🙂

And good luck. 🙂

And now on to the good news …

Beanstalk has once again made the grade to be included in TopSEO’s best of the best winning awards in the following areas:

  • Optimization
  • Content Creation
  • Link Building
  • Training
  • PPC Management

A big thanks for TopSEOs and to our clients. 🙂

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