A Polite SEO Test

I’m going to be honest, in playing with some Firefox extensions for an article I’m writing on, well, Firefox extensions I clicked a link to the search results for “seo” and discovered (to my surprise) that “polite seo” is actually a searched phrase. Now, I don’t know if I’m polite by the standards of the Queen (I’m Canadian so that reference some how comes up in the context of our parents’ lecture, “Be polite – would you eat that was if the Queen was at the table?”)

The answer – of course not however they probably wouldn’t have made leftovers either. 😉 Sorry – that’s not polite either.

Now the point of the story – I decide to run a quick (and polite) SEO test on fruit that hangs that low to see if I could rank a simple blog post for such a phrase with no external link building.

Sincerely I’m hoping that I’m not stepping on any toes and that there isn’t someone out there trying desperately to rank for “polite seo” to capture the 30-odd searches/month it gets. The competition seems pretty low and I don’t really get who’s searching for it. Are there really that many SEO’s out there that are so rude that an entire industry may spring up for polite SEO’s. I know the domain is registered. Maybe someone will start an organization of polite SEO’s. 🙂 Of course – when I went to it I got a very un-polite popup for ClassMates.com so …

At any rate – I will stop rambling but I will check back to see if this page ranks for “polite seo” anytime in the near future. 🙂

Note: When checking for this post to be cached I discovered that the page ranks #3 on Google for “polite seo” after just 3.5 hours. Not very competitive I suppose. 🙂

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