A Lesson From A Victoria, BC Painter

For those who visit our blog regularly you’ll have to pardon the lack of posts over the last few days. As I’ve been moving houses there has been a LOT tieing up any available waking hours I’ve had (and many of the hours I *should* have been sleeping as well). But from all this a learned a very valuable lesson and the lesson came from a painter I hired here in beautiful Victoria, BC.

As we were renting our house and had decided that we just didn’t like “eggshell white” my wife and I decided it was best to paint it. 5 rooms and 2 halls were painted (we weren’t overly concerned with the bathroom and kitchen). Well, it was time to move out and the property manager decided that it had to be put back to it’s original color. This is where the fun began.

We started painting about a week before the final moveout day (delaying so we could have the majority of furniture out prior). A snowstorm (a rarity in Victoria, BC) set us back by two days and it wasn’t until Tuesday that we realized that we only had one room completed and 3 others with a coat or two of primer. And so we called up a professional painter (maybe we could have gotten the painting done but there was no way we’d get the cleaning done too – Note: I have two boys aged 7 and 9 ;). He got done solo in those 2 days more than my wife and I could have gotten done in 3 or 4 and it was certainly done to a much higher quality.

So what did I learn? That I am NOT the exception to the rule. People inquire about SEO and sometimes even ask why someone would hire a company like Beanstalk when all the information is available on the ‘net somewhere. Here’s what I discovered through the past week:

  • Professionals have experience and work better/faster
  • Professionals know what’s right and what’s wrong when they see it
  • Professionals know which tools to use, and
  • Professionals allow me to do what I do best while they do what they do best

If I had called up the painter a week earlier and simply had them do the entire job and had I called up professional cleaners to do their job I would have been left with numerous hours to do, well, what I do best and had the hours spent painting and cleaning been spent working and marketing I would have made far more than I had to pay out. It’s not just a matter of the cost, it’s a matter of the time. I may have to pay a painter $x per hour but one has to keep in mind, a professional can do in 1 day what would take me 4 or 5 to accomplish. Unless they’re charging 5 times what I would make in that time – it’s worth hiring people who will just do it right.

As it turns out the painter was excellent. His card is still buried somewhere among the boxes still waiting to be unpacked (I will post his info when I uncover it for anyone in Victoria, BC who may be in need of such services). I can’t use a better testimonial than this – in our new house we will once again be painting and doing some light renovations. We will this time begin by bringing in a professional – fortunately we already know someone who can get the job done right. 🙂

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