A Lack-Luster Update

For those of you who didn’t notice, there was an update late last week. For those of you interested in future update, watch for another in the near future: the last one was anything but effective if the goal is to provide relevant results that aid the searcher.

I haven’t had the opportunity to fully analyze everything that changed in this recent update and from what I’ve seen of the results, unless I end up with a spare day or two with nothing to do I’m not likely to even bother – a correction is sure to follow in the next week-or-so.

To give an example of what I’m seeing that is so ineffective in this update I’ll give an example (not the only one I found but certainly one of the more dramatic. I ran a search for “car insurance quotes” on Google. Here are the top three results I got:

  1. www.zurichinsurance.co.uk – reasonable. No real complaints here.
  2. www.motorinsurance.co.uk/car/ – A pretty obvious landing page tactic from a relatively weak site. Not impressed but this isn’t what shocked me to find.
  3. www.isop.ucla.edu/africa/africanarts/car-insurance-quotes.html – A redirect from an .edu to a PR0 http://mypages.in/search.php?q=car%20insurance%20quotes. Basically, from one irrelevant result to another. The .edu is not relevant for the phrase and the target is a weak site.

There already seems to be some adjusting going on but there is certainly much more to come. Anyone who lost position in this update, don’t panic and don’t race into changes. Wait a week or two and watch this blog for more updates.

For those of you who gained in this update – if you’re surprised to see yourself jump as far as you did, don’t celebrate yet. If you’re not sure why you got such a good position, chances are you won’t have it for long so keep working.

Update from a couple hours later:

And so it begins …

The top three for the phrase noted is now:

  1. www.progressive.com – publically trades strong insurance company website.
  2. www.confused.com – strong site that has been in the top 10 for quite a while.
  3. www.q4.com – reasonably good site that has been in the top 10 for a good chuck of time.

Looks like Google had the same feelings as I did about it. 🙂

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